• 铝扣板的选技巧
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Aluminum buckle plate ceiling is widely used in kitchen and toilet, because these places often use water, moisture is larger, in order to avoid the influence of water vapor, to avoid mildew, change color, so choose aluminum buckle plate is the best material And it's cost-effective. The quality of aluminum buckle plate is not all thick and thin, the key is the quality of aluminum, in addition to the purchase of surface finish, but also pay attention to the thickness of aluminum buckle plate is uniform. Note: For Home Decoration, as long as the choice of 0.6 mm thick aluminum buckle plate, there is no need to use 0.8 or thicker, the general engineering with 0.8 mm. And why is that? Because some projects with a very long buckle plate, in order to prevent deformation, it is necessary to use a bit thick, a bit more hardness. On the contrary, the home installs the aluminum buckle plate, rarely has 4 meters above, moreover the aluminum buckle ceiling has no heavy object, therefore, the home installs the aluminum buckle plate 0.6 millimeters to be sufficient. The more elastic and ductile the aluminum gusset, the better the quality. Aluminum buckle plate now has a number of specifications, including the panel color, width, thickness, hem height, and so on. Choose should be based on the characteristics of the bathroom at home. Generally speaking, the aluminum buckle plate should try to be the same color as the wall tile. If the room is low, you can choose a brighter color to counteract the feeling of depression.